Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Worst Diet Mistake To Ever Make

It is widely accepted that the way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. A good healthy diet, in conjunction with an exercise plan, will ensure you lose unwanted pounds.

The worst diet mistake to ever make is to reduce calories below a level that your body requires for normal function and health. Unfortunately many people think that by eating 1000 or less a day the weight will come off faster, but while this may work in the short term, before too long you will find that your weight loss will grind to a halt.

Why does this happen? The body is designed to survive and will react accordingly when it is not fed enough fuel (namely food / calories) to function correctly, therefore when the daily caloric intake is reduced beyond that which your body requires on a daily basis, you will find your body in 'survival mode' and it will begin to store as much fat as possible. Instead of losing that fat that you have been dieting to get rid of you will lose find yourself at a weight loss plateau.

Your first reaction may be to contemplate a further reduction in caloric intake, which will in turn ensure your body fights even harder to 'survive' by storing more fat. Instead of reducing calories, you can actually 'trick' your body into thinking that it no longer needs to be in 'survival mode' by increasing your daily caloric intake. A couple of days of eating a regular, healthy number of calories and you should be able to resume your lower caloric intake.

Some popular diets recommend alternating between a low caloric intake and normal intake, thereby always keeping your body guessing. Never do they recommend eating a dangerously low number of calories for an extended length of time. Low calorie diets are definitely the worst diet mistake to ever make, both for your weight loss plan and your overall health.

Source: Dotties Weight-Loss

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